UV-C Duct Mounted Units

UV-C Duct and Rack products have been designed to be installed inside of ducts and air handling units (AHU). These are versatile and can accommodate different potential sizes depending on the technical specification required.

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Each unit comes with its own control box and includes either 4 or 6 UVC lamps in a stainless steel casing. The purpose the unit serves is to prevent the spread and distribution of dangerous viruses, bacteria, fungus, and spores within the ventilation systems. The units clean the air continuously as it passes by high-output UV lamps.

UV-C Air Sterilisation Unit
for Air Conditioning ducts

This also results in the elimination of the unpleasant biofilm that can grow on the inner surface of climate control systems. The device will be an effective inhibitor against harmful microorganisms that otherwise thrive in the dark, humid conditions of HVAC systems.

Furthermore, it as an effective force against 'sick building syndromes' such as Monday fever, asthma and allergies. Installation of the UV Duct and Rack systems will result in improved hygiene standards, without the need for expensive and environmentally harmful chemicals.

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You can purchase all products through our partner UV Clean Light

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