Sterilon Flow UV-C Portable Units

As in the case of the Wall Mounted version of this product, this product is ideal for use in venues where there is either no existing air conditioning system, or the cost of upgrading an existing system is prohibitive.

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The portability of these Sterilon Flow UV-C units make them ideal to be used where needed as demand changes in open spaces, e.g. changing rooms, small venues, meeting rooms and offices.  These luminaires emitting ultraviolet light are one of the most effective devices capable of removing viruses, bacteria, mould from the air by destroying the DNA or RNA of any exposed microorganisms.


The air is drawn into the Sterilon Flow unit by an internal fan, which passes the air through the luminaire, where it is exposed to the UV-C and sterilised, and then pushed outside. The shielded UV-C light does not escape to the outside of the luminaire, so it can be used in occupied rooms where it is necessary to safely and effectively sterilise the air in the presence of people.

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You can purchase all products through our partner UV Clean Light

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