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Air Purification in the Wider Economy

Household names such as Boeing, BBC, Specsavers, and of course the NHS, have all committed to and implemented UV-C sterilisation projects.


The use of UV-C as a form of disinfectant is not an entirely new premise – especially in hospitals around the world, where it has been used for many years. The presence of UV disinfectant machines has been on the rise in recent years. Their most common use is to disinfect rooms that patients with particularly contagious diseases have been occupying. It is not all too surprising, then, that UV-C sterilisation has become a trusted method of infection control throughout the pandemic.


As the world begins to plan for the future, it is clear that many organisations are including a more mature approach to infection control as part of their infrastructure planning. Obviously UV-C does not only protect from Covid-19, but also all other viral and bacterial infections, as well as moulds.

UV-C Sterilisation has been implemented across many sectors;

  • Healthcare (Covid-19 wards, GPs, Dentists, etc.)
  • Care Homes
  • Schools
  • Fitness Industry (Gyms, Pilates and Yoga studios)
  • Manufacturers
  • Offices
  • Hospitality and Leisure Sector

There have been powerful case studies showing the efficacy of the systems and how UV-C sterilisation has helped reduce the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for Covid-19.

“I just thought you may like to know that we have a confirmed case of Covid at Ludworth. The child caught it over half term at a local amusement park and came into school on Monday 7th June, not realising they had caught it. They developed symptoms later that day when at home. We had to close the whole Early Years bubble (37 children) and isolate 9 members of staff. There have been no further reported cases from their bubble. This must be to do with your UV cleansers. This variant is highly transmissive and so you would have expected someone else to catch it as they were with their classmates and teachers for 6 hours.” Mrs Joanne Sones, Head Teacher Ludworth Primary School, Durham

One outcome of the pandemic is the impact it has had on people’s confidence in returning to work, travel or other environments where they will come into contact with other people. The delivery of air sterilisation projects significantly boosts staff and the public’s confidence in attending.

“In addition to the actual sterilisation which is being delivered, the confidence given to my team has been striking. There has been a palpable change in atmosphere at the care home since we started using UV Clean Light’s sterilisation equipment.“ Laura Harding, Owner Glenfields Care Home, East Yorkshire

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