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How Does UV-C Light Destroy Germs?

The science behind UV-C sterilisation is well understood and is an accepted method of infection control. As the pandemic has progressed, more and more focus has being placed on airborne transmission of viruses, over the surface spread of germs.

Air Purification in the Wider Economy

As the pandemic has progressed, our specialist partner, UV Clean Light, has worked closely with many areas of the wider UK economy in helping to control the transmission of Covid-19.

Supporting Touring Artists

How many times have a tour been cancelled mid-tour because a singer has lost their voice with flu?

Ventilation vs Sterilisation: Why do we need either?

Now that society is reopening and we have moved full throttle back into full capacity events, the guidance from Government and any responsibility they once had has now been strategically manoeuvred onto the shoulders of the venues.

Infection control planning and delivery

Once you have a clear understanding of the options available to you, we can help plan and implement a commercially viable solution for your venue.

Audits and Support

The first step is for us to arrange an audit of your venue to assess your existing infection control measures, and assess a suitable approach to providing a solution to your needs.

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We can discuss your needs to understand how we can help and plan the next steps.

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