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Supporting a safe future for live venues

The impact on the live music industry through the pandemic exposed the vulnerability of our venues and businesses. In most cases they were the first to close and last to open when lockdowns happened.

As the world looks to the future beyond and including COVID, Enki Future Venues can provide your business with the advice and practical, commercially viable solutions to understand what your venue needs.

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Audits and support

The first step is for us to arrange an audit of your venue to assess your existing infection control measures, and assess a suitable approach to providing a solution to your needs.

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Infection control planning and delivery

Once you have a clear understanding of the options available to you, we can help plan and implement a commercially viable solution for your venue.

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Proven technologies

We partner with industry leaders, who have developed independent laboratory proven products, which form the basis of any infection control solution for your venue.

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About Enki

The Enki Future Venues team are a unique mix of many years of experience in the music industry as touring artists, promoters, management and policy creators.

We have combined with specialists in infrastructure, energy and infection control solutions across multiple industries; from healthcare to hospitality to provide a comprehensive solution for venues and artists.

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Ventilation vs Sterilisation

Why do we need either?

Now that society is reopening and we have moved full throttle back into full capacity events, the guidance from Government and any responsibility they once had has now been strategically manoeuvred onto the shoulders of the venues.

Proving the resilience of your venue in the face of pressures from Government will be increasingly important as we operate in a post-Covid world.  

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ON the road

Supporting touring artists

How many times have a tour been cancelled mid-tour because a singer has lost their voice with flu? The benefits of effective infection control extend well beyond the protection against Covid-19.

It is clear that in order for gigs to return to some kind of normality, we need to keep touring artists safe, and build their confidence to get out on the road.

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