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Venues have already had to address new requirements throughout the pandemic of social distancing, routing of audiences around their venues and new Covid related cleaning regimes and many other challenges.

We also know, all too well, that many of the misconceptions, including from Central Government, regarding Grass Roots Music Venues does not meet reality. Most venues, artists and audiences are more responsible than the wider public and other sectors. One key element of our audits is to highlight how resilient the sector already is, whilst helping to provide simple, commercially viable solutions to augment measures already being taken.

There is a lot of talk and focus on improving air quality in public buildings for the future, not just a focus on Covid-19. It is clear, however, from recent research and studies, that there is still a lot of people who feel very uncomfortable to return to indoor events; whether they are staff, audience members and artists.

Our team have many years of experience with infrastructure projects, air sterilisation, etc. combined with firm background in the music sector.

A simple low cost audit of your venue is a good step in assessing your requirements to help make you, your staff, artists and audiences. Contact us to discuss the needs of your venue.

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