Finding the right product for your venue

Although the science behind the sterilising effect of UV-C is indisputable, it does not necessarily mean that a given technology or solution will kills viruses, bacteria and moulds. Our products have been tested in independent testing laboratories and have been shown to be effective at killing germs.

It is always, however, important to ensure the right unit or units are used in a given space.

No such thing as ‘one size fits all’

Venues are varied in size and shape, however the one thing that most venues have in common is that they were generally not designed and built to be music venues; indeed many grass roots music venues are in listed buildings. There is therefore not a ‘one size fits all’ solution to music venues when it comes to ventilation, sterilisation and infection control.

Some venues have a reasonable air conditioning system, which possibly needs maintaining and possibly the addition of some additional sterilisation technology.  For many venues, however, the cost and practicalities of installing a new air conditioning is just not commercially viable.

It might be the case that we need to just deal with ‘pinch points’ in a practical approach to improving air quality in our venues.

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