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Infection control planning and delivery

As we have stated, the sector is already more resilient than many acknowledge, and in some cases there may be simple assistance required with improving risk assessments, environmental policies, etc. in order to demonstrate that for your venue is fit for purpose.

Our audit report will give a snapshot of your existing setup and practices and highlight any suggested improvements that can be made. In some cases, the requirement may well be for upgrades to air conditioning systems, the implementation of UV sterilisation, or other technologies to assist in making your venue meet the requirements of the increasingly involved environmental health departments around the UK.

Importantly, we recognise that venues have been closed for large periods of the pandemic and aim to give you a commercially-viable road map to address the infection control requirements of your venue for the future.

We also understand not only the financial challenges this has created, but also the difficulties in building confidence of artists, staff and audiences to return to indoor events. Where possible we can help liaise with bodies such as the Music Venues Trust to understand any support that may be available, and/or to arrange lease funding from trusted leasing partners to help spread any costs.

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