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The benefits of effective infection control extend well beyond the protection against Covid-19.

It is clear that in order for gigs to return to some kind of normality, we need to keep touring artists safe, and build their confidence to get out on the road. Clarity in disseminating the infection control procedures undertaken by venues is a key element in this confidence building. We feel that managers and agents will become increasingly demanding in relation to this.

There are, however, simple and affordable products, which can protect artists not only at venues, but even whilst they are in the van, on the road. For just over £200, our Sterilon “Car” UV-C sterilisation unit can be plugged into the ‘cigarette lighter’ socket in any car or van.  Other portable units can be taken into venues or hotel rooms to be used to keep artists safe. Speak to us in order to discuss how best to put an infection control regime in place for your tour.

Case Study: Anna B Savage

Anna B Savage is Rolling Stone’s ‘Artist You Need To Know’ . She makes captivating and powerful songs and isn’t afraid to use dark humour and brutal honesty to get her point across.

Anna is headed out on an eight date tour in October 2021, across the UK. She was openly nervous about getting back out on tour and playing indoor venues again. She asked her audiences to wear masks and was keen to take all of the sensible precautions she could to keep her, her band and her audiences as safe as possible.

To help with this, Anna set off on tour with both a Sterilon Car unit for her band’s van, and also a portable Sterilon unit to use in dressing rooms and hotels.

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